Private Sector Foundation Recruitment 2018 for Social Risk Management Specialist – Jobs in Uganda


Private Sector Foundation Recruitment 2018 for Social Risk Management Specialist – Jobs in Uganda

Applications are invited from suitably qualified applicants for the Private Sector Foundation Recruitment 2018. Interested applicant(s) ought to follow the details and procedures on this page to secure this opportunity.

Private Sector Foundation Recruitment 2018

Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) is Uganda’s apex body for the private sector. It is made up of over 200 business associations, corporate bodies and the major public sector agencies that support private sector growth. Since its founding in 1995, PSFU has served as a focal point for private sector advocacy as well as capacity building and continues to sustain a positive policy dialogue with Government on behalf of the private sector.

About World Bank SDF Project:

The Government of Uganda received credit from the World Bank towards implementation of the Uganda Competitive Fund for employer-led short-term training (Uganda Skills Development Fund -USDF). The Uganda competitive fund for employer-led short-term training is part of the Skilling Uganda Project addressing prevailing skills imbalances and shortages in Uganda. An important element of the initiative is to facilitate collaboration between training providers and industry to promote demand driven skills development with special attention to innovative modes of training. The USD 18 Million matching grant facility – SDF is managed by the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU). The Project component has a total budget of 21.8 Million USD including operational costs.

Job Summary: The Social Risk Management Specialist will ensure that sub- projects under the match granting facility comply with social risk management/safeguard policies, laws, regulations and guidelines governing both national/Country and IDA safeguard requirements. Determining, to what extent the social Safeguard Policies of Government of Uganda and the World Bank are followed during the screening of the sub-projects and their implementation (i.e. training activities for large, medium, small and micro enterprises and production of goods by the informal sector); level of compliance to the provisions in the various national polices and laws on child protection, gender equality including increasing job opportunities for women and girls, inclusion of persons with disability and other marginalized groups, sexual harassment prevention and response, gender based violence prevention and response (GBV), HIV prevention and mitigation measures for AIDS in the workplace, Labor management and land acquisition where relevant for government projects, etc. This role will also include establishing/strengthening a grievance redress mechanism and supporting its functionality etc.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Tasked with the development and implementing the social safeguards screening, reporting and other tools and forms for SDF/PSFU;
  • Capacity building and strengthening of SDF/PSFU implementing agencies and sub-projects/enterprises in assessing and addressing the identified gaps in the implementation of social risk prevention and management measures including social safeguards
  • Ensuring the assessment of performance of sub-projects/enterprises on social risk management including social safeguards
  • In charge of the preparation of quarterly and annual social risk management/safeguards performance Reports;
  • Leading SDF/USDP dialogue on inclusion, gender strengthening, social risk management/safe guards and strengthening PSFU knowledge and capacity to implement social safeguards. This will include training the relevant SDF/PSFU PCU and other implementers on mainstreaming social risk management measures/safeguard issues in the sub- projects.
  • Strengthening stakeholder engagement and reporting including citizen engagement and grievance redress mechanisms.
  • Support the development and implementation of a Social Risk Management System (SRMS), compliance monitoring system including progress reporting of implementation of social issues including Safeguards.
  • Prepare appropriate social risk including safeguards screening checklist(s) and ensuring that it is incorporated in the application packages for the various windows;
  • Conduct social risk screening of all sub-projects/ enterprises and ensure that social risk management are included in the Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMPs) or Integrated Pest Management Plans (IPMPs).
  • Supporting the development/strengthening of a Grievances Redress Mrcacanism (GRM) for the PSFU also linked to the overall USDP as appropriate.
  • Participate as a team member in the technical evaluation of the applicants to ensure that relevant social risk and safeguard related aspects are taken into consideration during evaluation.
  • Carry out field visits/site visits to all sub-projects  to identify key social risks/safeguard
  • related issues and to provide technical guidance  in complying with relevant national
  • polices and laws referred to in 2 above and World Bank Social Safeguard Policies.
  • Undertake capacity building for SDF/PSFU in ensuring that aspects of social risk management and safeguards in the sub-projects are implemented and adhered to.
  • Carry out social risk management/safeguards training for PSFU/SDF, implementing agencies and sub-projects/enterprises in ensuring that they are knowledgeable of relevant national policies and laws and World Bank safeguard requirements applicable to their activities.
  • Support mainstreaming of gender and inclusion as well as social safeguard requirements into the training packages provided under the four windows.
  • Support the collection, analysis and utilization of relevant social risk management and safeguards information at National and enterprise level.
  • Monitor, coordinate and support preparation of periodic project progress reports with adequate input on project performance on social risk management including Safeguards.
  • Ensure adequate social safeguards and social risk mitigation records and documentation are kept (including photographs,) of works and sub projects.
  • Advice Management on strategies for strengthening implementation of Social risk management and Safeguards measures.
  • Generate specific out puts (deliverables) as determined from time to time in the respective projected work plans for each quarter.
  • Liaising with IDA (WB) Social Safeguard Specialists and fostering partnerships with relevant MDAs such as MGLSD, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Lands, Ministry of Education and Sports, Local Governments, NEMA and NGOs on social risk management of the SDF/USDP Project.

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Social risk management system established at SDF/PSFU.
  • Implementable social risk management instruments prepared including social risk screening, reporting and other tools and forms for SDF/PSFU and where required contribute to the preparation of ESMP.
  • Social risk management skills and knowledge analysis for SDF/PSFU, implementing partners and all sub-projects and training undertaken.
  • Coordination mechanism for social safeguards initiated.
  • Social risk management Monitoring data base developed and functional.
  • Progress reports describing all activities undertaken on social risk management on monthly, quarterly basis submitted to both PSFU and IDA
  • Annual Social Safeguards/SRM Status Report showing overall performance of all components with regards to social safeguards/SRM performance submitted to IDA.
  • Final Social Safeguards/SRM Status Report Produced and shared with relevant ministries, PSFU and the World Bank/IDA.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 

  • The Social Risk Management Specialist must be a holder of a degree in a relevant social science discipline such as Social Work and Social Administration, Sociology, Development Studies, etc and a master’s degree in one of the related fields.
  • Experience of at least 15 years in designing, managing and monitoring social risk management projects and programs in government or NGOs
  • Broad understanding of the national policies, laws and regulations on a range of social issues including those referred to in 2 above and World Bank Social Safeguard Policies
  • Experience of working with various stakeholders including Government institutions, Non-Government Organizations and the private sector, is desirable;
  • Experience in designing, backstopping and monitoring social risk management programs in the context of development projects
  • Demonstrate knowledge of supporting a comprehensive and balanced approach to and social risk management including scoping screening, research, risk assessment, planning, project development and implementation, monitoring and reporting.
  • Able to independently and effectively plan, organize, manage and evaluate important and complex projects for individual and team work
  • Ability to make quick and good judgement
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including diplomacy and tact
  • High level of honesty, integrity and versatility
  • Should be able to work with minimum supervision and deliver under pressure
  • Knowledge of World Bank systems and procedures is an added advantage

How to Apply

All suitably qualified and interested candidates should send an application letter with an updated CV and support academic documents in hardcopy to:

Head SDF Private Sector Foundation Uganda, Plot 43 Nakasero Road, P.O. Box 7683 Kampala

Deadline: 12th July 2018



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